Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's the small details...

I have a thing for love hearts in decorating {yes - I know this is corny} but they never fail to make me smile. In our current quest to provide some finishing touches to our humble house, it got me thinking as to where I can incoporate some of these little bursts of happiness. Ever since I saw the above picture of this front gate, I have wanted one for my own house. Then to my amazement and delight, when we travelling in Europe last year (in the Lot region near Faycelles) I spotted this feature window and made my poor husband turn around on the narrow road so I could take a picture and stare {he didn't quite understand why I was so I amazed!}. Does anyone else have a thing for a funny little details?

Kelly xxx

P.S You may need to click on the pictures to enlarge :-)

First image taken by myself in France; Second image from magazine cutting (not sure which one sorry)


  1. I love hearts too - they're such a lovely detail! Leigh

  2. Gee, thats so tiny, but I can see the attraction.

  3. Both of those pictures are just wonderful...such a great little detail the heart in the gate and the heart window are!! That gate is just all around fabulous!

    :) T

  4. I have a major attraction to hearts too...just love them! Lovely photos!

  5. Absolutely but for me it's never one thing in particular but those little surprising things that just add to or make something special.

  6. Definitely see the little hearts in the two pictures. I am seeing more things now since blogging and photographing more things. I love the gate. Blessings

  7. I can understand very well your love for hearts. If I can add a heart shape to something, be it room, outfit, drawing, I add it. :)
    Besides hearts I love bows.
    BTW beautiful blog. Congratulations. :)


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