Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm back...

Well, I've come back to reality after a 2 week break with my family in Cairns. It was a wonderful christmas and new year with lots of relaxing and lounging about whilst enjoying some holiday fare!!! Our garden was like a jungle when we arrived back but after a hard days work today, it now looks respectable again! It's now time to focus on the year ahead and all that it may hold. I have many plans for this year and will hopefully start putting some in place in the not too distant future. One of them includes setting more time aside for painting, which I love. The painting above is one I did for a friend just before christmas and it was my first request {blue & white jars with pink lillies} which was most exciting. I was quite pleased with the result.
Kelly xxx


  1. Welcome back! I would love to be able to paint like you - those ginger jars and fabulous.
    I was just wondering if Black and Spiro stock the tablecloth that Anna has at her Stradbroke Island home? The big blue and white one?

  2. Thanks so much Emma!!! Yes, Black & Spiro stock those gorgeous tablecloths. I have one myself & love it xxx

  3. Wow you are super talented.

    Wish you a happy 2010 :)

  4. oh Kelly, that painting is fabulous! hope you're having a lovely weekend! xo

  5. Lovely painting, look forward to seeing more of your work!

    Hope the year holds many great things

    jules :)

  6. Kelly - this painting is beautiful. You're so very clever! Leigh


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