Sunday, November 14, 2010

Postcards from Tasmania {#1}...

We are back from our trip and had the most wonderful 2 weeks!!! We could have quite happily stayed there and loved the countryside and relaxed way of life. Although we drove around most of the island, we felt that there was still plenty more to see and do {as we love exploring every little side road and path}. We did lots of bushwalks and had every season of weather, from rain to sun to snow and then heat!!!

I will be posting some 'postcards' of pictures that I took to give you a glimpse into our little trip :-)

Kelly xxx

All images taken by me (October 2010)


  1. I absolutely adore Tassie. It really is just the prettiest place!

  2. Yes we have had our usual 4 seasons in one day weather!!

    Can't wait to hear and see which places you visited and what you enjoyed xox

  3. Yes, they always say, if you don't like the weather, come back in an hour or so and it will have changed! It's poured and drizzled all weekend though.
    I wasn't familiar with the potting shed but have always thought the Gorge to be such a pretty place. But, being from the South I have to say tht Hobart is nicer.
    Glad to ear you enjoyed your trip and I'll be looking forward to seeing where you went.

  4. Hi Kelly, hurray have been checking for updates from your blog and v chuffed to see one when I logged on :) From the pictures it looks like you've had the loveliest time! My husband and I stayed at Werona B&B a couple of years ago and just loved it, can't wait to see more of your pics. Nicolex

  5. My absolutely favourite state...we lived there for nearly 15 kids were educated in Hobart and I would return tomorrow if they didn't all live on the big island!
    The beauty every day of our 15 years was amazing.


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