Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spring colours...

The simplicity of this picture is what caught my eye... With spring having arrived last week, these colours to me are the epitome of this season - Fresh, crisp & clean colours that evoke a happy sense of being.

I hope you had all had a great weekend & are ready for another week!

Kelly xxx

P.S. This gorgeous image & the previous one from Heather Nette King's house - you can see her blog here.


  1. I'm loving the pale pink bench...
    so fresh ♥

  2. hi kelly, cant say how glad i am that spring is here! lovely pic!
    Laura xx

  3. Love this image, and I love when you post! post more, please, please! x

  4. Hi Kelly - what a lovely surprise - that's my hallway (and my dining room in your last post!) Glad you like them as I am a regular reader of your fab blog.


  5. Hi Heather-thank you for your lovely comment! I absolutely adore these 2 pics and am off on a hunt to see more. Great style xx

  6. Hi Laura - spring is my favorite time of year too x

  7. Hi Kimberlee, thank you! I'll try more I promise xx :-)


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