Monday, September 28, 2009

Paving plans...

This picture from Cote Sud magazine has been on my inspiration board since I tore it out of my mag a while ago. This is what I am aiming for with our area off the rumpus room. Having gone through a number of different options and changes of plans, we are now thinking of not having an undercover area and making the most of our yard and trees. Although only small, I would love to a gorgeous paved area like this one for relaxing brunches and haivng friends over.

Kelly xxx


  1. Everything about this image is gorgeous - the oversize pavers, linen tablecloth, iron chairs. Love it! Leigh

  2. this image is so dreamy! love the chairs so much! hope you had a lovely weekend!

  3. There's something about being outdoors with no manmade structure overhead...just nature itself, so relaxing. What a lovely picture. The chairs look so comfy.

  4. That is wonderful! I have a very similar area in my backyard that I just love. You will enjoy it so much!


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