Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Linen lust...

How gorgeous are these sheets by Nate Berkus {found here}. What a pretty way to dress your bed!!! It would be a joy to have such bright, happy colours greet you after after a long day!!!

Kelly xxx

P.S. Please bear with me changing my blog and header. I am trying to adjust the size of my header & finding it incredibly frustrating. If you have any hints I would love to hear them x


  1. oh yes, gorgeous sheets... I need something like this... xo

  2. Love the way your blog is looking, and love those sheets... what a great find!

  3. It seems like I love all things Nate!

  4. Truly it is a tough job to get it just the way you want it. I do love lines too. Those are pretty cute.

  5. They are really lovely but your new blog layout is even better. Loving blogging Kelly.

  6. Loving how your blog is coming along! I know its frustrating...I need to hire someone myself. Love the sheets and the price!

  7. Cute! I'll have any of the colours thank you! :)

    Just found your blog via Ada & Darcy and thought you'd like to know that I am doing a GIVE-AWAY over at my blog.
    It is open to Australian bloggers only and I hope you enter your name.

    Happy Anzac Day and hope you have a lovely long weekend.

    x Charlotta

  8. Just found your beautiful blog!!
    Will be back ~~

    xoxo Laura


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