Wednesday, May 27, 2009


On the weekend just gone I ordered a heap of books from Amazon (they're actually for my wedding anniversary soon but I picked them - YAY)! I'm so excited as they are heaps of design books I have been wanting to get for ages. I can't wait. It got me thinking as to where I might store them (apart from the coffee table). I would LOVE a beautiful big cabinet or built-in bookshelves to store my growing collection. I dug through all of my images and found these above, any of which would be great. How do you store your books?
Kelly xxx


  1. I noticed you mentioned you are just getting into interiors and I was curious what design books you recommend as I would love to purchase some as well!


  2. I love the shelves with the coordinated drape to cover them. I don't store mine neatly. They are just here and there.

  3. We have two big bookcases in our bedroom - but it's not enough! I love the idea of a fulll wall of bookcases. Maybe not right now though since my children are still small and tend to pull out all of the books any chance they get!

  4. Saving for Killer shelves in my living room.I can't decide between bespoke chunky ones or understated simple ones.My living room has a contemporary, colonial feel to it .What do you think?

  5. I would die for built ins like that! Right now my collection is in boxes until I can figure out how to display them. : (

  6. I LOVE bookcases! In fact, I need a library addition in our home for all the books I just have sitting in tall piles around the house. Great post! Nice blog.


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