Friday, May 8, 2009

It's now or never.....

I cannot believe I have finally started this blog!!! I have been a reader of so many amazing blogs for a long time now and haven't had the courage to start my own. This will be a record not only of the beautiful things I come across in daily life, but also of my journey further into the interior design world, as I continue to develop my own style and confidence! I am studying at the moment whilst working at Black and Spiro for the amazing and talented, Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things!!!! I love going to work each day and am constantly inspired by my surroundings.
I love all things French (I can't help it!!!) and had a fabulous trip to Italy and France last year which left me craving for more. I love the simplicity of objects & fabrics placed together. I love mixing vintage pieces into a scheme as i think they create a sense of history and comfort. I love a beautiful garden and spending time in it. Lastly, I LOVE how a perfectly put together interior can make you feel instantly at home.
I hope you enjoy my snippets of inspiration and life...

Kelly xxx


  1. What a beautiful start...

    I can't wait to see what you post next!


  2. Kel

    Some things are just worth waiting for... congratulations !!

    Looking very forward to seeing some of your inspirations from your own home on this...

    Great things start from small beginnings


  3. Wow - especially love the first picture. Just beautiful!

  4. I have gone all the way through your blog, and I love it. Do you have a followers list, so I can get your posts daily? Kisses kim


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