Monday, June 22, 2009

Break away...

I escaped for 3 days over the weekend to a beautiful little place in Montville (just north of Brisbane) called the Spotted Chook. We stayed in Amelies cabin and had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Above are some snapshots of the cabin that I took. It was a french inspired cottage and was very cute! Whenever we get to go away for some time out, I love to stay in different styles of accommodation rather than a luxury hotel room. This place in particular was my favourite so far... views, fireplace, vintage chandeliers, cute fabrics and a massive spa!!!
What is your favourite escape?

Kelly xxx


  1. Looks gorgeous! LOve little places like this ! Lovely blog, you are Australian too :)

  2. oh I so love Montville, when I was living in Brisbane I would always escape for a day when I needed to get away from it all, I would drop the kids of at school & keep going it was my own little relaxation heaven, coffee & cake at the top of the hill (what a view)!!!! Then look through the quaint little shops (I would dream of owning one one day!!!) & back in time for school pick up. Thanks for reminding me you brought back some lovely memories. Glad you enjoyed your stay will remember the spotted chock for a future break when visitting family. :)

  3. looks absolutely perfect. what a dreamy cottage.


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