Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Perfectly pleated...

Box pleat: "A tailored fabric fold formed by two folded edges, one facing right and other facing left... Deep inverted, tailored pleats which create a boxy look and add extra fullness"
I have always loved the look of a perfectly tailored pleat, but am LOVING it at the moment on all types of furniture. It looks great when used on one of your special pieces as a skirt in a fresh, new fabric. You'll find the piece takes on a whole new lease of life. There is something so feminine about this look. If you have any other pictures, I'd love to see them!
Kelly xxx
Images sourced from: (1) unkown (2) flickr (3) domino (4) Absolutely Beautiful Things
(5) House Beautiful (6) James Michael Howard (7) unknown (8) House Beautiful


  1. I've always loved box pleats. I even had cute little box pleat skirts when I was young enough to still wear them. The settee in image #2 is a happy favourite of mine. I like the idea of that look on an ottoman or bench seat also [ie short pleat with the legs peeping out]. Thanks for sharing these lovely images: Julie

  2. In my experience, a box pleat is the perfect compromise for men (and women I guess) who have an aversion to ruffles. Particularly on beds that really do require a dust ruffle (which we must call a "bed skirt" at my house - but cause you know, "skirt" is so much less girly than "ruffle"....whatever).

  3. Love love love them too Kel.

  4. So, so pretty, especially on the crescent sofa. Feminine without being frilly, romance without lace and swags -- nice!

  5. Oh YES!.....I love these examples....I just made a new slipcover for my sofa with little box pleats....so cute!



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