Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sew what...

All this looking for pleated skirts has made me want to start a new sewing project soon... maybe some new cushions with frills or cute little buttons? Are you working on any projects?
Kelly xxx
Images via Mary Ruffle


  1. I am working on making cushions for my outside swing. The birds keep it messed up so I wanted a waterproof fabric that I can wash and spray with disenfectant. I had two plastic tablecloths with the batting on them so I am sewing covers for foam cushions I bought at Walmart. They are bright and colorful and I like them because I made them. Got to sew ties on to attach them to swing. Enjoy your project. Blessings.

  2. Love these photos...reminds me of my great-grandmother's sewing machine and all her wooden spools of colorful threads! She taught me how to sew - one of the greatest gifts she gave me!

  3. I'm making ruffled tablecloths and party favour bags for Olivia's birthday at the moment!

  4. I just love those cute little photos! I have a few of those really old wooden spools that my grandmother had and they always remind me of her...I keep them in my antique Singer Sewing Machine - you know those really old wood and steel ones with the big metal pedal! So gorgeous! BTW, I love your blog - I check it often to see what gorgeous photos you will have next! Well done! Michelle x


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