Thursday, July 16, 2009

She wore blue velvet...

Winter makes me want to be surrounded by things that exude comfort and warmth. The texture and feel of something can evoke so many different feelings. I love linens and natural fabrics, but at this time of year there is a certain appeal for fabrics like velvets. These pictures (from the deep dark depths of my computer files) have such an elegant but wam and rich feel.
Kelly xxx


  1. I do love that first image.. The style and beauty is amazing...

  2. Beautiful pictures.. the legs of the piano on the first image are just gorgeous..

  3. ooh I could cuddle up with that too. I too love the looks of the piano and lounge chair also.
    Deep, rich velvet. Sounds good enough to eat.

  4. The first image is stunning! Every single detail makes me happy!


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