Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Always look twice...

At first glance I was in love with this photo and the scene that unfolded {it is Central Park in NYC}. I saw couples in love strolling through a winter wonderland.... That is until a few days later, when looking through my photos again, the below fashion accessory caught my eye.
It always pays to look twice!!!

Hope your week has been great so far.

Kelly xxx

All pictures taken by me in NYC Feb 2011


  1. That's hilarious! Well spotted.

  2. i love nyc's cold,
    that must be his 'devil' styled touk.

  3. Those little things are everywhere, my 13 yr old loves them. I got him a skull one when in NYC in Dec. He is toting it along to Breckenridge in March.

  4. Love it! you never know what you'll see in the Big Apple!! :))

  5. I know this exact spot...I was admiring it and waiting to see what you meant by always look twice...too funny!


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