Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Inspiration...

A few pics of some of my New York acquisitions... I love how they look altogether - The source of my inspiration this weekend!!! Have a lovely one :-)

Kelly xxx

All images taken by me Feb 2011


  1. I can't believe all of the things you bought for yourself are all the same colours! They all match! So funny!


  2. What is the striped fabric in the lower right corner?

  3. Pretty! I purchased some of the same ribbons and trim from MJ Trimmings as you. And they are so well priced!

  4. Looks like someone had the shopping-bug while in NYC!
    Funny how consistant you are in your selections for yourself :-)!!

    Northern Light

  5. Thanks everyone - I know, I can't believe how well they all go together also!!! That's why I had to take the photos and do a board - funny!

  6. Hi Kelly - the striped fabric you asked about is a skirt made from vintage textiles from Asia. I love it xxx

  7. Thanks Sharnel - I love all the trimmings I got. It's a fabulous place isn't it!!!


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