Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's been snowing...

A street park in Soho...

The hotel room... 

View from hotel room first morning...

Just wanted to say hi from New York! I'm here with Anna for just over a week and so far it has been fabulous. The snow has been amazing {as it is quite a novelty for us} and I am loving the cold!!! It actually started snowing on our way from the airport to the hotel which was perfect. Having never been to NYC before, I am absolutely loving it so far!!!

I will post little updates along the way of places I have been and things that I seen. Until then....

Kelly xxx


  1. Great pics!LOVE your plaid boots and would love to be in New York right now!!;) Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  2. First glance and I thought... snow in Brisbane? The world has gone MAD! But NY... in those boots... have a lovely time. gxo

  3. Oh it looks wonderful. I'm making my first visit to NY in March so will look forward to reading your tips for where to go :)

  4. never been to NY. But going in September. I'm watching for the updates. Summer here

  5. What is the hotel. Looks fabulous.

  6. Your hotel looks absolutely lovely!! What is it called? So nice to have snow!

    Jem x

  7. soooo jealous of you girls, enjoy!! x

  8. Thanks everyone - I absolutely love NY. {The hotel is Crosby St Hotel Jem - it's fabulous}! xx


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