Friday, March 4, 2011

Lucky no. 4 {end of Creative Spaces series}...


To finish off the 'Creative Spaces' series this week, I have ended with the amazing artist, Hunt Slonem.  Best known for his abstracts & paintings of tropical birds {having many of them living in aviaries}, he has also published a number of fabulous books. The images above {from The Selby} show some of his studio. Paint brushes galore, brightly coloured paints mixed in tantalising shades, stacked finished artworks & an easel literally dripping with paint.... It doesn't get much better than this!!!

Happy Friday everyone :-)

Kelly xxx

All images via The Selby


  1. Such a great creative space...! wonderful post. :))
    Have a great w/end

  2. All that colour and inspiration! I wish I had a studio that spacious. Great post, enjoyed the series.

  3. Thanks so much Claudia & Sarah - glad you liked the series xxx


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