Friday, October 14, 2011

Letterbox love...

This could be up there as one of my favourite covers yet... Look what I found in my letter box when I arrived home this afternoon! I can't wait to sit down and read the whole copy. I had a quick flick and am looking forward to the article on Nicki Townsend's home - it looks amazing.

Happy weekend to all...

Kelly xxx

P.S. My photo doesn't do this cover justice - the title is hot pink!


  1. Looks wonderful - I somehow always like the overseas versions of Vogue better than the North American version. This cover is delicious
    Helen x

  2. looks fabulous! I'm o/s at moment living and everything is so cheap EXCEPT for all my favourite magazines! thankfully im home for a couple of weeks this friday and I think i'll be buying this at one of the newsagents in the airport when i land!!! xx

  3. Looks so inviting and lovely! I LOVE getting a mag in my box!! happy weekend! ;-))

  4. The cover is great.
    The colors are wonderful!

    ♥ Franka


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