Monday, October 3, 2011

Liz Caan in IvP...

There has been lots happening around our neck of the woods lately {but more on that later in the week}... It was nice to take some time out today & enjoy the 1st birthday edition of the IvP online magazine. My favourites from the mag are above & are the work of designer Liz Caan. I am smitten with that artwork in the second picture!!!

Happy Monday :-)

Kelly xxx

All images via IvP


  1. That artwork is huge and lovely.

    Love the stairs ♥

  2. i love black and white!!!
    i adore this post!!

  3. thanks so much Kelly :)
    that painting is out-of-control-amazing isn't it?!
    E & M xx

  4. Where can I get the carpet for my stairs? Love it...


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