Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Perfectly pleated...

Box pleat: "A tailored fabric fold formed by two folded edges, one facing right and other facing left... Deep inverted, tailored pleats which create a boxy look and add extra fullness"
I have always loved the look of a perfectly tailored pleat, but am LOVING it at the moment on all types of furniture. It looks great when used on one of your special pieces as a skirt in a fresh, new fabric. You'll find the piece takes on a whole new lease of life. There is something so feminine about this look. If you have any other pictures, I'd love to see them!
Kelly xxx
Images sourced from: (1) unkown (2) flickr (3) domino (4) Absolutely Beautiful Things
(5) House Beautiful (6) James Michael Howard (7) unknown (8) House Beautiful

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coco avant Chanel...

I am off to see this movie with a very good friend tonight and can't wait! Would love to hear from you if you have seen it yet and what you thought... I'll let you know how it was!

Kelly xxx

P.S. Have just got home and thought I would quickly update... The movie was amazing and Audrey was stunning as usual. It was great to see her in such a strong character and the story of "Coco" before she became famous was inspiring! A must see :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Break away...

I escaped for 3 days over the weekend to a beautiful little place in Montville (just north of Brisbane) called the Spotted Chook. We stayed in Amelies cabin and had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Above are some snapshots of the cabin that I took. It was a french inspired cottage and was very cute! Whenever we get to go away for some time out, I love to stay in different styles of accommodation rather than a luxury hotel room. This place in particular was my favourite so far... views, fireplace, vintage chandeliers, cute fabrics and a massive spa!!!
What is your favourite escape?

Kelly xxx


Just looking at this picture takes me back to our Europe holiday last year... I recently painted this scene in watercolours for my husband as an anniversary present (the colours look a bit off in the photo I took of it sorry!) . We stayed in a little apartment on Ile de la cite on aux fleurs. On our last day we walked over to the Ile St Louis and had a gelati and looked back to our apartment. This is the view in the painting. I'll have it framed in a vintage looking frame which should look great!

Kelly xxx

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vintage finds...

I had a great weekend as my sister was down to visit! We had the best time and got to hunt through some local antique shops. I found a gorgeous little mirrored tray, an old chinese vase, and the sweetest sugar pot in the world (pictured above). I also found this woollen shawl in an old suitcase after rumaging through all the other scarves... I was stunned to find this beauty! I absolutely LOVE them all !!! Now I just need to find new homes for them... My sister got some fabulous pieces as well including some crystal vases and a gorgeous crystal perfume bottle! We also went to the American Impressionsism Exhibition which has travelled from the MET in New York. It was so amazing and was a great way to spend the final hours of our weekend, topped off by a glass of wine overlooking the Brisbane river :-)
Kelly xxx

Friday, June 12, 2009

Arty weekend...

Caged 2009 by Claire Stening

Well, it's finally the weekend! I am thinking of maybe visiting some local galleries and seeing the work of some amazing artists that I have admired for a while now. First stop would be the Edwina Corlette Gallery to see Claire Stening's STUNNING work! Then on to Gallery 2120 to see Lisa Rink's work. I also can't wait to visit the Queensland Art Gallery and see the American Impressionism and Realism exhibition which is only coming to Brisbane (very exciting!!!). Whatever you are up to on the weekend, I hope it is refreshing!!
Kelly xxx

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cup of tea anyone...

Winter is definitely here... That means lots of cups of hot tea for me!

Kelly xxx

Photo found via embem30 on flickr

Monday, June 8, 2009

Time to relax...

Images above from Notebook Magazine

I would love to be relaxing in this bath tonight (although a warm fire might be needed as it is very cold here tonight!). Saw these images on an email from Notebook Magazine and loved the rustic simplicity of the space. Mostly finished the assignments so looking forward to catching up on all the blog posts that I have been missing out on!!!!!!!!! I think it will take me a few days...
Kelly xxx

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New cushions...

I finally have some new cushions for the sofas in my lounge room. The sofas are looking very tired but I have to wait a little before we can get new ones, so I needed something to give them a new lease of life. I found this beautiful blue & white indienne floral fabric which I fell in love with and had to have! I had 2 large cushions made in it and I think they look great teamed with my taupe/white striped cushions (which I already had). They give the room a fresh new look which is what I love about cushions!!!!!!! I have a lot leftover which I have saved for another project, whatever that may be....
Kelly xxx


Well, only 1 more assignment to go then I have 3 weeks break from study which I'm so looking forward to! This is a rendered freehand perspective drawing for a bedroom scheme I had to put together. The colour hasn't come up as well as I would have liked in the scanning but you get the idea. I'm loving the Madeline Weinrib rug... Think I need to get one for my lounge at home !!!
Have a lovely weekend...
Kelly xxx

Monday, June 1, 2009

Little break...

Image via cote de texas

I have just come back this morning on the red eye flight from a weekend up in Cairns to see my family which was great! Am VERY busy this week with final assignments for another 2 subjects so will have my head down!!! Not much time for anything else really... Will be needing a beautiful, restful space like this by next weekend!
Kelly xxx