Thursday, July 29, 2010

Colourful Kate Spade...

ColorFULLFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

ColorFULL by jkris featuring Kate Spade

Kate Spade are running a competition at the moment {check out the details here}. There are some fabulous entries. I love the colours used in this one above from here.

Kelly xxx

Friday, July 23, 2010

Black & Spiro unveiled ...

We are open again!!! The new Black & Spiro store / design studio was unveiled on Wednesday night of this week to friends and clients and proved to be a fabulous night. It has been many weeks of hard work in the lead up, but the end result is more than worth it - we are all so excited and had so much fun getting everything ready!!! The new look is bright, fun and full of colour and sophistication. The Stuart Membery furniture is stunning and looks fabulous amongst all the other pieces. Anna Spiro has posted more gorgeous pictures on her blog {click here to have a look at her amazing showroom}.

I hope you are able to pop in and visit us if you live in Brissie or happen to be passing through...

Have a fabulous weekend :-)

Kelly xxx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spanish Colonial Beauty...

The above gorgeous images are of a Spanish Colonial Revival house whose interiors were designed by none other than Kathryn Ireland. The colours in the above rooms make for a subtle and inviting space. I would love to find a pair of pots like this for my house!!!

Kelly xxx

Images via Veranda Magazine

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I love this bright and happy ruffled skirt for a under a sink! How great do the stripes look placed on the horizontal :-)

Kelly xxx

Recent mentions {thank you}...

A big thank you to two lovely bloggers who have mentioned 'Little French Nest' recently. You can visit Michelle of Divine Finds here, and Alva of Serendipity Interiors here.

Kelly xxx

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little update...

Time has whisked by so fast that I simply cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. So many things have happened in that time and I am gradually coming back down to earth and settling back into some sort of routine. Having spent so much time on my computer during my final weeks of study I have enjoyed time away but have missed so much in blog world!!!! I have a LOT to catch up on and I can't wait to visit everyone again :-)

Some things that have been happening that have kept me busy...

I finished my design course (so am now officially qualified - hooray) which was a huge relief after a lot of hard work (especially in the final stages).
I can now look forward to a social life again!!!

We signed a contract with a builder to commence some renovations on our house (both inside and outside) - This is MOST exciting for me, as I have been planning these almost since we moved in!!!

My husband and I are expecting our first child, due in December which is both very exciting and scary at the same time!!! Now the sickness has subsided I can start enjoying life again. There are so many things to look forward to :-)

My sister and her husband are also expecting (due September) which is so amazing as both little ones will be born in the same year - My mum is beside herself!!!

Amongst many other things, did I mention that I have finally finished studying?  :-)

I hope you are all having a lovely week & I look forward to catching up on some inspirational reading.

Kelly xxx

Images from: Lonny Magazine, Build & Extend, Flickr (Dufferlong photostream) & Chelsey Fuss