Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Happy {Black & Spiro} Easter...

Wishing you all a very happy Easter & restful break.

I thought I would share a little insight into how we created the Easter window at Black & Spiro this year. It all started with an idea for custom fabric printed with brightly coloured bunnies & went from there. The pictures below show the various stages involved...

I hope you enjoyed seeing the process of creating a Black & Spiro window!!!

I'll be taking a few days off to spend with my family - see you all next week :-)

Kelly xxx

All images taken by Anna Spiro & myself

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Head down...

It's head down time for me at the moment!!! There are a few major things in the pipeline that I am working on {hopefully all will be revealed in the next few months} that are keeping me extremely busy. I am also in the process of setting up a home office / workspace in one of our spare rooms which is exciting. Please excuse me if my posts become a little sporadic over the next few weeks :-)

Kelly xxx

Image via Papernstitch blog

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The classics...

This post was inspired by another shipment of some stunning hand painted Moroccan tables that are now in store at Black & Spiro. They are black & white in various designs, and it got me thinking how classic & striking the black/white combination is. I have touches of black & white around my house but was inspired today by pictures of both fashion & design that I found in my files. There are endless ways of incorporating this classic into design and it fits with every style!!!

Hope your weekend is fabulous so far...

Kelly xxx

Images via Domino, Brabourne Farm, the Glam Lamb, Vogue, Beautiful things to share, Susanna Salk

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Next on the exhibition list...

Ethel Carrick Fox Flower market, Nice c. 1926 Oil on canvas

I can't wait for this exhibition to open at the Queensland Art Gallery on the 16th April. It is titled ‘Art, Love and Life: Ethel Carrick and E Phillips Fox’ and explores the paintings of an Australian artist who married an English painter. They travelled the world together to exotic places, searching for subjects to paint.

The exhibition is on until 7th August at QAG so make sure you don't miss out if you are in Brisbane!!!

Kelly xxx

Image via Member Mail - QAG

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Under the weather...

I've been a little under the weather the past week or so, hence my lack of posts - Sorry!!! I love that weather is getting cooler in my part of the world and can't wait until I can wear scarves & jackets again. I love the simple 'bow' pictured above. Will definitely be trying this one :-)

Kelly xxx

Image via Emmadime via Compulsively Compiled