Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little update...

Time has whisked by so fast that I simply cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. So many things have happened in that time and I am gradually coming back down to earth and settling back into some sort of routine. Having spent so much time on my computer during my final weeks of study I have enjoyed time away but have missed so much in blog world!!!! I have a LOT to catch up on and I can't wait to visit everyone again :-)

Some things that have been happening that have kept me busy...

I finished my design course (so am now officially qualified - hooray) which was a huge relief after a lot of hard work (especially in the final stages).
I can now look forward to a social life again!!!

We signed a contract with a builder to commence some renovations on our house (both inside and outside) - This is MOST exciting for me, as I have been planning these almost since we moved in!!!

My husband and I are expecting our first child, due in December which is both very exciting and scary at the same time!!! Now the sickness has subsided I can start enjoying life again. There are so many things to look forward to :-)

My sister and her husband are also expecting (due September) which is so amazing as both little ones will be born in the same year - My mum is beside herself!!!

Amongst many other things, did I mention that I have finally finished studying?  :-)

I hope you are all having a lovely week & I look forward to catching up on some inspirational reading.

Kelly xxx

Images from: Lonny Magazine, Build & Extend, Flickr (Dufferlong photostream) & Chelsey Fuss


  1. Oh Kelly, I'm over the moon for you with the news of your little one. Congratulations to both you and your husband.
    Also a huge congratulations to you on completing your studies. What an achievement.
    Exciting news with regards to the renovation, just in time for the little one.

  2. Congratulations on all those wonderful things happening in your life. What a whirlwind!

  3. Congratulations Kelly on completing your studies and how exciting you will be carrying out some renovations. And the biggest congratulations for the wonderful news that you are expecting. My little one has just turned one and this past year has been filled with lots of laughter and happy times.

  4. Hi Kelly
    Congratulations on all your achievements. You are a great inspiration to us all... Forever smileing and happy.I look foreward to hearing about all your news this year

  5. Heck, you have been a busy lady!! Firstly, a huge congrats on the baby news, that's absolutely amazing for you both!
    Well done you, on finishing your course, that is a serious acheivement and I am sure you are going to be a roaring success, and how exciting to be getting renovations done on your home, especially as you have been planning it for so long!
    :) Flick

  6. Congratulations on the baby and how exciting to have your sister pregnant at the same time. Best wishes for you both :)

  7. Kelly,
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Second; very proud of you for finishing your school; I finished last year, so I totally know how hard it's been!! Trust me! Now the fun begins!
    Third; A Baby... WOW, much Love and luck to both you and your husband!
    Fourth; I am SO happy you are back blogging!!

    Welcome back,
    Northern Light

  8. Kelly! Congratulations. With the baby. How beyond exciting, a life changer. Then with school! How thrilled and happy you must be. AND, renovations to boot. What a fund and exciting time for you. Enjoy it all. {I know you are going to have a killer nursery}xo Lidy

  9. Welcome back Kelly! So glad you have returned to blog world...I have really enjoyed your posts in the past and have been hoping you'd return soon! So here you are and with such wonderful news! Congratulations on completing your studies and news of your baby! So wonderful! Have fun with the renovs too! You sure take on a lot at once! Enjoy! Best wishes, Michallee (Treasures from Moira's Armoire)

  10. Congratulations on baby, degree and proceeding with your renovations. Sounds like you've been very, very busy!

  11. Hello lovely - my my you have been ridiculously busy, and it doesn't sound like it is going to slow down at any time. A huge congratulations on finishing your study, signing contracts for renovations and your bubby to be. Thanks for filling us in, your blogs is definitely one of my favs xx

  12. this was my first stop what a lovely blog you have and a big congratulations on finishing school!!!

  13. Thank you so much everyone for your beautiful comments. I really appreciate it xxx

  14. Congratulations Kel - you never cease to amaze and inspire me

  15. A special congrats on the pregnancy and home renos...that is so exciting for you. I was feeling exhausted and empathetic just reading your post! Michelle

  16. Just wanted to let you know that I blogged about you earlier this week! Can't wait to start following and reading more! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Hi Kelly! Just wanted to say what a wonderful blog site you have! I stumbled across it whilst I was looking for french furniture ideas! Congrats on newly graduating on your studies by the way. I am learning to become an interior designer and hope to one day become a consultant. I just love contemporary furniture at the moment, all things french and gorgeous! My current trend is silver furniture , I am like a magpie! I think this style goes delightfully well with decorative mirrors . I have recently found a gorgeous site which is very reasonably priced which I can definitely recommend Out There Interiors . Thanks Kelly! I will become an avid follower now! Helen, UK.

  18. Dear Kelly so many good news...Oh and a baby coming, congratulations... I am with you, having 4 myself, don't be scared, all falls into place and you will grow with all the responsbilities!
    Don't worry, just be happy!
    And finished your course too, this must feel great as well!
    Be safe and healthy always and come by to visit, we are off to Europe in a few days, I keep a travel journal on my blog!


  19. What a great post!! So much to celebrate! New life and excitement all round!

    Am SO HAPPY for you!

    Can't wait to hear more on all wonderful developments!

    x Charlotta

  20. It sounds like life is pretty good, so happy for you, congratulations with your baby news and finishing your course and good luck with the house!

  21. You're so lucky Kelly, I'm really interested in where you studied? (i'm looking at courses for 2011 in Brisbane)- if you could email me it would be so greatly appreciated. - Karlissa


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