Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vintage finds...

I had a great weekend as my sister was down to visit! We had the best time and got to hunt through some local antique shops. I found a gorgeous little mirrored tray, an old chinese vase, and the sweetest sugar pot in the world (pictured above). I also found this woollen shawl in an old suitcase after rumaging through all the other scarves... I was stunned to find this beauty! I absolutely LOVE them all !!! Now I just need to find new homes for them... My sister got some fabulous pieces as well including some crystal vases and a gorgeous crystal perfume bottle! We also went to the American Impressionsism Exhibition which has travelled from the MET in New York. It was so amazing and was a great way to spend the final hours of our weekend, topped off by a glass of wine overlooking the Brisbane river :-)
Kelly xxx


  1. What a wonderful day. With your sister, antiquing and a glass of wine to mellow the heart. Wonderful. Blessings

  2. Have come to your blog via Queenmothermamaw. Greetings from Ireland.I have a very similar shawl in Royal blue which came from Russia.Our daughter lives in Brisbane, which is such a lovely city. Was there for a month in February. Always spend a fortune in Spotlight.The fabrics are so good and so reasonable. Love yard and garage sales, and bought some lovely bits and pieces. I collect vintage, and love restyling. I love French Shabby chic.Pop over and visit my blog.


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