Sunday, August 9, 2009

House hunting...

Entry with stunning chandelier...

Sunny spot for chatting with friends...

Gorgeous bedroom for a wonderful night's sleep...

The perfect dining room for long lunches, dinners or any excuse to get together...

A relaxing spot to daydream, have a snack, take a dip or whatever takes our fancy...

A huge decision was made last week... We are searching for a new house!!! It is time to leave our first house and find something a little bigger and with more potential than our current house. It is exciting but will be hard work finding the right one! My expectations are a little high on what is realistic for us but one can always dream right? I can't wait to find the perfect shell in which to create a beautiful house for us and our future family !!!
{note to those of you whose minds are racing - not just yet :-) }
Kelly xxx

Images: 1) via Airspace 2) unsure 3) Chrissie Jeffries via Vogue 4) via Domino 5) via Velvet & Linen


  1. Um Kel, is there something you need to tell us??
    Happy house hunting!

  2. He he :-) Added an amendment to my post as I realised that minds will be racing. Future meaning not just yet !!!
    Kel xxx

  3. So jealous of your house hunting! I would love to be starting a new project! I can't wait to see what you doubt it will be gorgeous!

  4. Oh how exciting! You are going to have a wonderful time searching for your perfect house - can't wait to hear all about it. Leigh

  5. Lovely blog - and wishing you house hunting fun. Always very exciting and exhausting all wrapped into one memorable package. Lovely photos, all equate a fabulous home.
    :D deb

  6. Love all your inspiration pics! I'm sure with style like this, you can make any home look amazing - good luck with your search! Tracey xx

  7. I wish that we could design our own houses like this...

    Good lunch house hunting!

  8. I like your blog! CHEERS! Michele

  9. OMG those pictures just leave your mouth watering. I am pretty sure every woman has dreamed of such a sight.

    Hope you find the ideal place.

  10. Too cool! I LOVE how diverse you are! I think its real and Amazing. Thank You!

  11. A wonderful time in your life dear. Enjoy I can't wait to see what you find. It is like "House Hunters" on HGTV.

  12. I just discovered your lovely blog (via your comment @ House of Turquoise) and lo and behold, from your most recent post I see that we're both at the very beginning phases of house hunting -

    What an exciting and nerve wracking adventure! Good luck on your journey; I'll be popping back in to see how it's going, and invite you to visit me, too!



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