Monday, December 14, 2009

My little tree...

Here are some images of my humble little christmas tree this year. I went with simple baubles and ribbons tied on for decoration and the presents are wrapped in a blue/natural striped paper tied with pink twill. I am still on the hunt for an angel or star for the top of the tree, but haven't found one I love yet. May the hunt continue...
Kelly xxx


  1. Very cute tree. I searched everywhere for an angel for the top of the tree and a good one is hard to find. I am thinking of making my own next year :-)


  2. What a great idea to make your own. I would love to hear how you did it Leeann. xx

  3. Beautiful tree your Majesty,

    very inspiring and creative! I love your packaging of the gifts as well:) Your decorating reminds me of how decorating was done back in the early 1800's. Where they just put up there what was most important to them. Just so pure and meaningful. I love your Tree!!

    Royal wishes,


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