Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the hunt...

I have always loved this room, but in particular, the pair of coffee tables. As I am still on the hunt for final pieces for our house, I have come to the conclusion that two gorgeous tables like these would be perfect in our main lounge area. I would love to find some vintage tables but haven't been lucky so far!!
May the hunt continue...

Kelly xxx

Image from Elle Decor via This is Glamorous

P.S - A huge thank you to everyone who has commented and emailed me suggestions!!! You are all wonderful xx


  1. Its so hard to find good coffee tables!

  2. They're stunning Kelly. Good luck with your search!
    Kerri x

  3. Hi Kelly I have just picked up a patching pair of glass coffee tables that you may be interested in. They are smaller than the ones pictured but nice all the same. They were a terrible purple and I am half way painting them white. They have two glass shelves each table and are made in Paris would you believe. I can always send you a picture when finished if you like. Sandy

  4. Hi Sandy - that would be wonderful!!! Thank you - I can't wait to see them xx

  5. What a lovely blog. I stumbled here through Kerri who I seem to be stalking! You Brissie people are talented. Come and play with us in Canberra!

  6. I saw one like that at an estate auction last year, I so wish I had bid on it! Two together like that look fabulous. Good Luck and If you happen to find four, let me know :)

  7. Patience always pays off... don't settle.

  8. So many beautiful things you have here on your blog. Lovely pictures and lovely colours.:-) Stina

  9. Kelly,Don't you think the fun lies in the hunt? I always find such unexpected things along the way! The coffee tables are exquisite- they look so classic and beautiful. I love the upscale refined look. And to put two together is a double treat.
    Happy Spring!

  10. ....and I really love the giraf sculpture!
    It's all about the detail, we all see something different :)

    Northern Light

  11. Oh, those are so pretty. I love that they are used as a pair.

    I want to know how to make my wooden table look the chest in the corner there.

    Happy Hunting,

  12. Good luck, they are gorgeous - love the look! xo

  13. Kelly, Okay I am so new with this whole blog thing. But I HAD to share my table adventure with you. I refurbished an old table to get the look of these. See what you think. I just posted it, along with a link to your post, on my blog here

    Is that even how you "backlink"?? Hope you find it useful. Love your blog!


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