Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life is art...

Need I say more...
Kelly xxx


  1. Such lovely thoughts. I love the idea of a grocery list as art...would make the trip to Woollies a lot easier!

  2. Kelly this is gorgeous and would definitely inspire me each morning.

  3. this is also nice~ i'm Gary from We Love Beautiful Things~

  4. Thanks Gary - I had a look at your other saying & it is fabulous too - love it!!

  5. Hi Kelly -

    Love your blog. Came to it through 'Everything Fab' because of the photo credits for this picture. I love the idea of beauty being a part of everything - like it's said, how we do one thing is how we do everything!

    I was wondering if you'd have any interest in a 'pay it forward' blogging event i'm organizing? I didn't see you contact info, but if you'd be interest - i'd love to have you email me at -

    if you want more info on what i'm talking about (lol!) here is a little more info -

    And if not, that's just fine too! ;-)
    Love your site!
    Cheers dear!

  6. I completely agree! Love that, thank you. Trish

  7. I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing! I may just have this embroidered on a pillow some day :)

  8. I love this!! And love your blog, too!

  9. I really love this! And, it's so IS art, if we let it be and we choose stuff that makes our heart sing, and do the "everyday" stuff in that manner. Thanks for posting, glad I found your blog!...I'm following ya now!


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