Monday, August 16, 2010

Cute nursery prints...

via Trafalgarssquare

via Sugarfresh
via Bellybabies

via Bellybabies

I found these cute prints on Etsy which I thought would like great in a cluster wall with some other pieces I have. I would love to hear if anyone has any other sources...

Kelly xxx


  1. Hi Kelly. Do you know Janette at My Sweet Prints? Well worth the look...and she's lovely to boot!

  2. Thanks Kerry! I have just visited Janette's site as you suggested and she has some great prints. Thanks again for the tip xxx

  3. oh, i love the jenny lind-style cribs, like the one you posted previously. they're so classic looking! :)

    I, too, am decorating a nursery (my first:)) and am having so much fun perusing etsy for vintage-like finds. I stumbled across the same artist (Trafalgarsquare) and fell in love with the possum prints. They're quite fairly priced as well.

    Good luck finishing up the nursery- I look forward to seeing what you come up with:).



  4. I love your blog!!! The Bonne nuit above is so precious. I may have to order that one for my nursery. ♥

    I'm so glad I found your lovely blog!


    Jessa xx

  5. So so so pretty, Kelly!!!!
    Have a sweet week!! Bela.

  6. Hello Kelly, i love those cute simple soft prints, my kids are older now, but there are so many sweet ideas now. Love them all , and I adore your blog, glad to of found you, a new follower, Ill be Back..

  7. Super sweet! And so important too.
    The images I had in my childhood stuck with me throughout my life. Sometimes they pop up in my designs without my noticing.. I remember in particular, I once painted a forest with lilac leaved, black-trunked trees with fuchsia grassbed... only to be told by a sibling it was a pattern on a skirt our mother wore when we were babies. Sure enough the skirt was unearthed and there it was!


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