Monday, February 7, 2011

Homeward bound...

It's our last morning in NYC as we leave this afternoon for home {and begin our long flight!!!}. I have loved every minute of our trip but am also looking forward to seeing my family again.

Bye for now - see you again once I'm back home!

Kelly xxx

All images on past posts of NYC taken by me.


  1. New York City is so pretty this time of year. I'm happy you had a wonderful stay in my neck of the woods.


  2. have a safe trip.
    and you will have your great memories
    inside your head forever!

  3. What a great image, does not get any more NYC than that!!!

    Safe travels,
    Northern Light

  4. Fabulous photo, Natasha is right! Your NY trip sounds wonderful - going green here. Going on my very first trip to NY in Sept this year and couldn't be more excited!! Nicolex

  5. I would love to hear about where you went as I will be going to NYC in a few weeks and I want to really want to refine my shopping expeditions so I don't waste time !


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