Thursday, July 28, 2011

A big day...

This morning saw Anna's online store launch around 9.30am. From then on the day was rather crazy but very exciting. A big day of shipping awaits us tomorrow when we begin sending out goodies to all the lucky customers who purchased their special pieces.

Congratulations to Anna for a fantastic concept - it was certainly rewarding to watch the live tracker and see people visiting from all around the world!!!

Have a fabulous Friday

Kelly xxx

Image via Absolutely Beautiful Things online store


  1. I visited and was excited to see Anna's concept unfold after eagerly awaiting it! Love the coffee table, the embroidered butterfly linen frame and the wooden table :)

  2. watching orders come in online is so much fun, isn't it! No doubt you have all been work ridiculously hard on this project - well done! Enjoy your time with Emma and Kate tomorrow, so jealous I can't be there x


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